born in a small Ukrainian village but passport says kyiv.
first 5 years of life among baby goats and cherry trees.
went to a bunch of international schools in kyiv, 
met great people, learned a few languages.
took art class because of a cute girl in high school.
started studying business in Vienna because why not.
had my first ad internship at ogilvy ukraine, 
fell in love with the ad world.

moved to paris, lived off wine and cheese, swore to come back.
moved to berlin for ad school, became a hipster.
moved to hamburg, nyc, and london to see the big leagues of advertising.
started at heimat berlin on a political party account, moved on to chocolate and pharma clients.
started playing guitar and skating to fill the void in my soul.
wanted to see a different kind of agency so went on to saint elmos/ serviceplan.
took a sabbatical to learn music production and more 3d stuff.
currently at jung von matt neckar. first remote job of my life.