to celebrate 50 years of the iconic show while most people are still in a lockdown, we started off with an outdoor teaser and went full on social. everything began with a day and time. a day and time which every german knows since childhood.
to tease the special anniversary edition of tatort where two detective teams work together,
we brought several other teams togetehr as well. this resulted in fun mashups which got the community excited for the upcoming episodes. 
under the hashtag #immerdazurtatzeit, we got people talking about why they are always there at the time of the crime to follow our trsty detectives.
more mashups followed and the community loved them.
to get some more engagement, we invented a new format called "crimini".
mini cases for the community to solve and that way remember some tatort history.
in every home in germany, there is a "tatort" or crime scene happening on sunday night. for the night of the anniversary editition, we gave our community the chance to show how their own living room crime scene looks like.   
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